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Join a network of SaaS marketers and founders looking to collaborate and exchange guest posts.


Browse relevant companies

Browse companies by keywords, target audience and collaboration preferences. Our goal is to help you get relevant traffic and high-quality links.


Check if they meet your requirements

Easily see if a website meets your requirements in terms of Domain Authority, article length, relevant topics, minimum traffic and much more.


Send a collaboration request with one click

You have found a suitable website? Send them a collaboration request to get personally introduced. It takes 5 minutes to get your first collaboration started!


Reap the Benefits

  • Save time: No need to spend hours researching potential partners. It only takes one click to send a guest post request.
  • Improved communication: Easily chat on the platform to arrange all the details and manage the collaboration process.
  • No more shady backlinks: Gain high quality backlinks from companies that align with your goals and audience.
  • Focus on what's important: Reviewing guest blog applications on Synergy4SaaS is easy and fast, so you can focus on building up your content pipeline.

Flexible Pricing

We offer credit-based pricing options to meet your needs.
If you don't use a credit, it'll be carried over to the next month.

List your SaaS on the network.
Host high quality guest posts.


  • List your SaaS on the network
  • Receive hosting requests
  • Host unlimited guest posts
  • Set collaboration requirements
  • Send collaboration requests
  • Browse our full network of growth-hungry companies
  • Automated outreach
Up to 5 links per month and unlimited hosting of guest posts.


  • Browse our full network of growth-hungry companies
  • Send unlimited collaboration requests
  • Gain up to 5 backlinks from writing guest posts
  • Host unlimited guest posts
  • Set collaboration requirements
  • Automated outreach

Most popular

Unlimited credits for collaborations and backlinks.


  • Browse our full network of growth-hungry companies
  • Send unlimited collaboration requests
  • Unlimited backlinks from writing guest posts
  • Unlimited guest posts to host
  • Set collaboration requirements
  • Automated outreach


Completely automated solution. You tell us your requirements and we'll take care of everything else: from outreach to placement, including the writing.

  • Find websites that match your requirements
  • Manually get in touch with them
  • Write a high quality blog post according to your preferences
  • Place it on a website with your desired DA/DR

What Our Members Say


Before Synergy4SaaS, I'd spend hours doing outreach to try and connect with like-minded companies who wanted to collaborate. Most of those hours would be wasted however, as very few would respond favorably. Synergy4SaaS has allowed me to connect and collaborate with many other businesses across the world. The process is very simple, and we’ve already completed many blog collaborations and made great connections through the platform.

Kenny Schumacher - Founder of


Guest blogging is a very time-consuming marketing endeavor without any guarantee of success. Synergy4SaaS simplifies the whole process by pairing companies with overlapping or complementary audiences for blog exchanges and more. We found it to be a very effective way of building links naturally.

Dragos Petria - Head of Marketing at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us at to discuss possible ways to get your agency on board.

We are working on a solution to allow freelancers and copywriters to promote their content and get hired through our platform. Please contact us at if you have special requests or would like to know more.

Please send an email to including a really short overview ov your SaaS and we'll find a way to get you on board.

If you signed up for the UNLIMITED plan, we will do the outreach for you. This means finding a website that meets your requirements and are willing to host your article. Alternatively, you can also commission the writing of the article to us. In this case, please contact us with your requirements to get more info.

Besides growing the network, we are also working on a few features that will make it even easier for you to scout for guest blogging and backlinking opportunities inside as well as outside of our network.

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